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“24” Movie Audio Songs Review

“24” Movie Audio Songs Review

AR Rahman makes us feel happy with his melody magic & playful new age music in Suriya & Nithya Menon upcoming movie. 24 audio has been released and it’s clear from the songs that the AR Rahman has once again created magic in this Suriya’s movie. This time, Rahman has experimented a surprised thread with something new so as to connect with the young mass. The music album of 24 depends on heavy use of techno music and beats and the music does justice to the modern technology of the Suriya’s production company 2D Entertainment.

Everyone will be amazed to hear the fresh change Rahman is bringing to the crowd with this music album. The album has everything from romantic songs, musical ballads, soft touching songs to some dark music. The result of trying something new has come out in a positive way for the 24 movie rating.

1. Naan Un 

Everyone will be surprised to listen to the first song Naan Un from 24. This beautiful song is rich with the sounds of Bollywood hit singer Arijit and Chinmayi Sripadha . Arijit has done an awesome work in this song since this is his first Tamil project. This track fill with emotions with the beautiful violin solos. This love folk is probably the best one from the album.

2. Mei Nigara 

Mei Nigara is a playful new piece work by Rahman filled with techno chorus and drum beats. Sid and Sanah Moidutty sung this song and the freshness of this track it what makes it different from the other tracks of the album. This song suits well with the movie, but it is not the best track in the album.

3. Punnagaye

Haaricharan’s vocals made this song outstanding, which is otherwise not very impressive. Rahman’s composition definitely gives this song a good vibe. The song might grow on you later since now this does not have the same punch as the rest of the album.

4. Aararoo

The soft humming with minimal use of instruments makes this song very nice. Sakthishree Gopalan’s voice does the most marvelous thing to this. Focusing on simply the vocals and not relying much on the instruments, the song has come out as the most perfect song of the album. The song is extremely touching and the song sounds heavenly.

5. Twin Brother

This theme song is very dark and charming, since the negative character played by Suriya has an renowed role in the movie, this will make it all the more eye-catching. Heavy use of instruments and some Sanskrit chanting makes this song more powerful without any vocals. The Twin Brother theme music will definitely fill with the energy and will bring out the gray shades in Suriya’s character.

6. Kaalam Yen Kadhali

This was the first song released from the movie 24. In some parts Kaalam Yen Kadhali ressembles to OK Kanmani. Pure techno and EDM music makes this more attractive. But going by the theme of the movie, electro beats and dub-step music seems relevant for this. This Benny Dayal track is certainly memorable one.



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