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M.S.DHONI – The Untold Story Movie Review and Rating

M.S.DHONI – The Untold Story Movie Review and Rating
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“Leaders are born not made”

Dhoni is the right example for above proverb. Generally this world will see only the gain but not the pain behind it. At first we should appreciate the team to bring one such a movie to reveal the struggle behind the success. This untold story teaches many lessons for us.
The people from ordinary middle class family make his story as a history by his own effort with cool mind. No one can forget his ultimate victory in world cup 2011 after 24 years India won the title. It is the diamond in his crown and pride of our country
Sushant is the absolute choice for this character. He has lived as M.S.Dhoni. He has shown his dedication on the entire film and resembling Dhoni as he walk, as he talk and especially show his beauty on Dhoni’s favorite helicopter shot.
Director Neeraj pondey has given his full effort to maintain the film to move without boring. As well as the director focus the romance area with two songs. Anupam has proved one of the main pillars of this story by his natural acting. This movie ends with success by Dhoni Super Six.

What crafts up the movie?

The film focuses on the key highlights since the introduction of MSD – his first session of cricket, his first mentor, his first profession, first love, first century and first world cup!. It gives us a genuinely necessary thought of the considerable number of individuals who are in charge of his victory. The family, the companions, mentors, selectors and the fans. Furthermore, in particular, his triumph as a strong sportsman and pioneer.

What Come-off

Everything attempts to the point of interest. Major thanks to the filmmaker for not bargaining on the specialized subtle elements. It was honorable to see Sushanth’s face veiled into unique match and service footages. All cheers to the cast, Sushanth appeared to effortlessly feel into the shoes of Dhoni. The script and screenplay merit acclaim for commending the battles of a sportsman. More than anything, it’s the subject of the film, the man and his unimaginable voyage that have worked in this film. Cherish you MSD!

What doesn’t Come-off?

The three-hour long flick could have been cut if Bollywood awful mashies, for example, sensational song arrangements had evolved out of the script. By one median or another between the second, a large portion of, the power pitches down to a couple low indicates due to this. In any case, in any case, they were by all accounts effortlessly venial.


Leaving the movie you are certain to discover why it took so yearn for the man to make his introduction, how he managed disappointment and proceeded onward. As a fan you most likely would anticipate that how Dhoni oversaw will keep his quiet, or rather kept his cool, none of them have been secured which is truly frustrating. To survey this flick would resemble discussing the highlights of a finished match, best to watch and relish it. Watching it in Tamil was not most likely an awful thought, as consistently Sushant strolls in as Dhoni there is booming praise and shrieks as “Enga Thala Dhoni”, that to be sure shows how much the country venerates this person.

Enga Thala Dhonikku Vizzle Podu..


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