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Rekka Tamil Movie Review and Rating

Rekka Tamil Movie Review and Rating
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Movie Name : Rekka

Cast : Vijay Sethupathi, Lakshmi Menon

Movie Crew:

Director    : Rathina Shiva

Music Director : D. Imman

Editor     : Praveen KL

Cinematography : Dinesh Krishna. B

Art Director : Mohan Mahendiran

Producer  :  B. Ganesh

Movie Review :

Rathina Shiva’s next directorial after the still to be released Vaa Deal, Rekka with Vijay Sethupathi and Lakshmi Menon in the number one spot is one among the to-watch motion pictures in the rundown of the current year’s Dussehra releases. The way that it is VS’s 6th film in his effectively fruitful year has loaned far-reaching desire for this film. So did Rekka loan flight to the desires of the gathering of people? Find out.

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Vijay Sethupathi as Shiva is the Town’s honest heroic heart given to protecting young ladies constrained into Marriage unions. One such experience of his procures him the anger of the baddie, Harish Uthaman (David in the movie). How does Vijay Sethupathi escape struggle? Does he receive in return? This is the concept.

What makes up the film?

As for format as it might sound, the film is in fact assembled obstruct by a square with attempted and tried blocks. Sentiment part between Vijay Sethupathi and Lakshmi Menon is built over a base like the one in Gilli. Kabir Dulhan Singh plays another baddie in the film and contention between the two baddies clear path for another subplot. The film additionally takes after a flashback part went for clarifying the thought process behind Sethupathi’s dedication to protecting darlings from risk.

Rekka Movie Stills

What works?

Vijay Sethupathi, not surprisingly, doesn’t neglect to awe. Given the job needing to be done of playing mass activity, a subject he once in a while touches, by one means or another he has completed it with a watchful sensibility that could be appreciated. The chief has taken consideration to add sensibility to the plot which adds to the engagement. Tunes by D.Imman has functioned admirably, however, could have been utilized unpretentiously. A flashback part including Vijay Sethupathi in his adolescence days add to the drama figure and was pleasant.

Rekka Movie Photos

What doesn’t work?

The script could without much of a stretch be called as a format. In spite of the fact that the executive has taken consideration to include sensible feelings and conceivable arrangements, one would feel that it has a place with an alternate time, some place in the later past. Furthermore, there appeared to be excessively numerous subplots included, which takes an ideal opportunity to interface, prompting a slight disarray and loss of engagement. Particularly in a grouping near the peak, with one baddie battling the other alongside Vijay Sethupathi in the center appeared to be fairly near a WWE Rumble. That could’ve stayed away from.


In general, the film is loaded with gangster going around in Tata Sumos, normal punches from Vijay Sethupathi, and template emotion arrangements which appeared to let down assembly of people desires for something new.

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Also watch Rekka Trailer here

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