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Kamal Haasan’s Uttama Villain Audio Review

Kamal Haasan’s Uttama Villain Audio Review

Uttama villain is one of the most expecting film in this year, the film staring Kamal Hassan, Directed by Ramesh Aravind and Thirupathi brothers conjointly producing the film with Raaj Kamal Films International. Uttama Villain music has been released recently, M. Ghibran scored music for the film with 7 songs, 7 OST’s and 3 karaoke. Here is the track list of Uttama Villain.


Production: Kamal Haasan, N Lingusamy
Cast: Kamal Haasan, Andrea, K Balachander, K Viswanath, Parvathi Menon, Pooja Kumar
Direction: Ramesh Arvind
Screenplay: Kamal Haasan
Story: Kamal Haasan
Music: M Ghibran
Background score: M Ghibran                                                                                                        Cinematography: Shyam Dutt
Dialogues: Kamal Haasan
Editing: Vijay Shankar


Kaadhalaam Kadavul Mun Music Review Rating

Singers: Padmalatha

Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

With light pair of drums and melodic voice, this is surely a carnatic number that take us to the periodic world with melodic arc. This slow phase song may be used for the bharathantyam in the films dramatic scenes.

Love’aa Love’a Music Review Rating

Singers: Kamal Haasan,Sharanya Gopinath,Anitha, Nivas

Lyrics: Viveka

Love-aa love-aa is a pop rocking electronic music, with powered voice and perfectly connected beats. M.Ghibran composed with the right pace of guitar and rhythm makes an insanely catchy tune, with hard-driving beats.

 Utthaman Arimugam Music Review Rating

Singers: Kamal Haasan, Subbu Arumugam

Lyrics: Subbu Arumugam

Uttaman arimugam slowly starts as villupaattu, which conveys a story telling. This song should be called as a rocking villupaattu with voice of kamal and Subbu Arumugam and other male chorus performance are stunning. The rhythm starts slowly and moves with a higher base in the end which gives goosebumps.

Saagaavaram Music Review Rating

Singers: Kamal Haasan

Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

This composition is a light classical melody with the mixing elements of piano and electronic beats and especially towards the end which has the Astonishing Chenda mellam. Small elements of sounds of the sword, an allegro of kamal and singers are ambitious.

 Iraniyan Naadagam Music Review Rating

Singers: Kamal Haasan, Rukmini Ashok Kumar

Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

A western classical like song, with monologues which is has a different kind . Kamal and Rukmini Ashok Kumar voice has the wonderful flavours of carnatic and western. Instruments like chenda, kuzhal, perumabara and utuku are used in top class.

Mutharasan Kadhai

Singers: Kamal Haasan

Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

This song is the another version of villupattu which glorious voice of kamal and chorus singers. This song will be perfect stage play song which has the wonderful elements of storytelling. This song will be wonderful visual treat in big screen. Most amusing point is that Indian music instruments is collaborated with the western instruments which give style of magical fusion.

Utthaman Kadhai

Singers: Kamal Haasan

Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

 Uttaman Kadhai narrates a final story which is a one of the excellent composition by Ghibran. using woodwinds, brass and strings are the episodes of symphony which strikes once more. This is need to be repeated listening to get a hold of it. A chorus part is very efficient at some point, once again a power pack masterpiece by Ghibran which resembles like “therukoothu”

Utthama Villain Theme Music Review Rating

Best OST with aggressive Kamal’s voice at the high pitch. The sound of violins and the phrase “Baga Baga” chorus are added vibrant, which is a new theme for the our people.

 Guru & Sishya Theme

An instrumental track that’s soothing to ears, which is once again a magic by ghibran. This sound track is very emotional composition, Which will be outstanding if the visuals are well made.

 Father & Daughter

A full-fledged orchestra with French horns to Double bass, which is equal to Hollywood standards. Ghibran gradually composed this theme with unique style.

 Utthaman & Karpagavalli

Grand Piano and violins steals completely, Which is a scintillating melody with orchestrated symphony that’ll make you feel light.

 Father & Son

This is section of chorus, which softer version of Iranya nadagam. Glorious way of composing by Ghibran, with Pianos, chimes, enchanting humming.

 Letter From & To Yamini Music Review Rating

Melancholic Pianos, singing and the brilliant symphonic sound arrangements which shows the composers unique style once again.  The flute in the end is a new addition to the album which is more emotional piece.

Verdict: 4/5

Our Punch

4-PunchUttama villain is a pack of marvelous tunes, new to Tamil cinema.

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